MEETINGS is a 4-year video and performance project with two festivals along the way - the first festival was 1-10 September 2017, and the next festival is scheduled to run from 30 August to 8 September 2019.

MEETINGS provides the framework for entirely new networks and meetings. First and foremost by virtue of meetings between international contemporary artists and the localities of Central and Western Jutland as well as the people who live here, through the creation of a number of new video and performance works that take the everyday lives of people in Central and Western Jutland as their starting points. And furthermore, in the meeting between the work of art and its audience, and – who knows – thereby through the meeting with new aspects of the 'others', ourselves and our localities.

During MEETINGS 2016-17 two performances and seven video works were produced and exhibited – out of which five were in collaboration with museums of cultural history. In addition, the MEETINGS Festival 1st-10th of September 2017 presented a number of previously produced video works that all focus on the 'site' and/or the 'meeting'. The works were shown at unconventional localities, such as barns and outbuildings, as well as four museums of cultural history. All in all, it amounted to a showing of 64 works, created by 62 artists from 21 different countries, at 26 addresses in Central and Western Jutland. During the first three days of the festival there was an open symposium based at the Folk University Centre Skærum Mølle in Vemb. Among the participants were the 13 artists who have produced new works for MEETINGS.

MEETINGS is organized by the association ET4U in cooperation with a number of other associations, institutions and communities.
The project is supported by the Culture Agreement for Central and Western Jutland 2015-2018 (The Ministry of Culture), Central Denmark Region, European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Lemvig Municipality, The Obel Family Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, 3F's Media and Culture Fund, and private sponsors.
The MEETINGS festival 2017 was awarded a prize by The Danish Arts Foundation.

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The Folk University Centre Skærum Mølle where the symposium took place



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