NEES-SKALSTRUP (Leena Kela & Jean-Léon Pallandre)

Documentary (15:44 min.) by Heine Sand Kristensen on the performance project in Nees-Skalstrup by Leena Kela and Jean-Léon Pallandre.



Jean-Léon collecting sounds


Nees-Skalstrup Report: June-July 2017, by Leena Kela & Jean-Léon Pallandre



Our 2,5 weeks residency period in Nees and Skalstrup is now over and we have visited altogether 186 homes in the villages. 80 of them participated in our project and we received so many objects and sounds that it will take us a while to familiarize ourselves with all of them. They are interestingly common and at the same time very original. As is the everyday life in general.

We have met such amazing people, came across such variety of different kinds of homes and gardens and had conversations that will stay with us for years to come. We feel that we know half of the people living in these villages. When we were driving through the villages during the last days of our residency period, we could memorize all those meetings we have had in different houses. We know something very particular about Nees and Skalstrup. And now it is time to process that knowledge in the form of a performance. For the coming weeks we will be thinking how create a performance by combining all these different elements in order to create an original and poetical new landscape of Nees and Skalstrup.

Thank you everyone, who opened your door and spent a moment with us to think about a sound and an object that could represent your house. Bye for now and we will be back in August to get prepared for our upcoming performance.

We hope to see you all again in our performance in September! - Saturday the 2nd and Saturday the 9th of September at 15:00 in the old school in Nees, Neesvej 46, and admission is free.


A collection of objects




Jean-Léon og Leena på Nissum Fjord, maj 2016

Leena Kela og Jean-Léon Pallandre kommer på deres første arbejdsophold i Nees-Skalstrup fra den 25. juni til den 13. juli 2017, og de er tilbage igen på deres andet arbejdsophold fra den 23. august til den 11. september. De vil i begge perioder have adresse på Neesvej 125.




Leena Kela and Jean-Léon Pallandre come on their first residence in Nees-Skalstrup from 25. June to 13. July 2017, and they will be back for their second residence from 23. August to 11. September. During both residences their address will be Neesvej 125.

Jean-Léon & Leena knocking your door

Portrait of Nees-Skalstrup

We invite all the inhabitants of the village Nees-Skalstrup to participate in a performance project. We are Finnish performance artist Leena Kela and French sound artist Jean-Léon Pallandre and we will be working in the village in June and July 2017.

We aim to create a performance portrait of Nees-Skalstrup by meeting with everyone living in the village. We will come and knock on a door of every house in the village and ask everyone to participate in the collective portrait by giving away one object and one sound that seems interesting for him/her. We are interested by very ordinary daily life objects and sounds we can find in your homes.

The object can be anything that you want to donate for the collective portrait, but the size of the object should be maximum 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm.

The sound can be anything from your home that you would like to give for recording, but it must be a short sound event, a few seconds sound, maximum one minute.

The portrait of Nees-Skalstrup with objects and sounds will be performed in September 2017 as part of Meetings festival.


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g Europæisk Kulturby Aarhus 2017.
Ved mødet den 25. maj vil Karen & Klavs fra ET4U fortælle mere om MEETINGS, og Leena og Jean-Léon kommer og præsenterer sig selv og fortæller lidt om deres arbejde.
Alle er velkomne! Tag naboen med!
MEETINGS in Nees-Skalstrup
Introduction to the video and performance project MEETINGS
Wednesday 25th May at 19:30 in the village hall in Nees

The Finnish performance artist Leena Kela and the French sound artist Jean-Léon Pallandre will settle for a period in Nees in order to produce a new work of art based on their experiences in Nees-Skalstrup. They will show the work somewhere in Nees-Skalstrup in September 2017 as a part of the video and performance festival MEETINGS and European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.
Come and meet Leena Kela and Jean-Léon Pallandre in Nees 25th May – Everyone is welcome!

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Borgere fra Nees ser frem til performance- og videoprojektet MEETINGS 14.02.2016
Villagers from Nees welcomes the performance and video project MEETINGS 14.02.2016