STABY (Anne Loubet & Sophie-Charlotte Gautier)

Documentary (15:03 min.) by Heine Sand Kristensen on the video project in Staby by Anne Loubet and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier.



Elisabeth Borch, Anne Loubet, Hanne Arberg & Sophie-Charlotte Gautier in Staby
Sophie-Charlotte Gautier & Anne Loubet working in their Staby home






Anne Loubet and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier tells about their second residency in Staby in November 2016:



15.-30. November 2016 

These 15 days went very quickly. Wintertime was definitely a good choice. During this second period of shooting, we wanted to go further with exploring the interplay of human being and wild nature. The light so beautiful, complex, changing, (it was not gray!), the open landscape, the hunting time, we explored the wildness through the animality (real, symbolic, …).

We had a lot of participation this time as we were able to get acquainted and engage in creative relations. Friends and neighbours made links, the trust was growing and allowed us to go deeper into the fictional way of working. Susanne’s kids at Staby School, Hanne’s students at Husby Efterskole were very involved and curious about the project. We had pleasure to imagine and catch night scenes with them.

Singers and musicians offered us great recording to catch the sounds of this land’s spirit; Christian Risgaard Thomsen played also for us some of his compositions and great improvisations that would be a fantastic material for the project!

We miss already Staby! At the same time we are so glad and impatient to go further with our collected materials and in the creation.   


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In the field with Staby Efterskole




Anne Loubet and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier tells about their first residency in Staby in June 2016:


During the ten days we spent in Staby, we were incredibly welcomed and introduced deeply in local life.
In a collaborative way, we exchanged about territory’s characteristics and tried to get into the spirit of this land… Going around the extended Staby land (fiord, dunes, harbor, forest) we noticed that wind, storm, rough elements give the people living in the area a consciousness of life that we want to catch. We heard stories; we recorded songs that reassured our explorations into fictional and musical expressions.
Our process is mixing the different materials we collect in a poetic way. It refers more to the imaginary than strictly to the geographical.
In collaboration with the locals, we captured some everyday life situations, and we create our fiction with these fragments.


The Staby Church Peal Guild in action


More conscious of our topics, we decided to come back at wintertime to experience the real rough of nature here!
The winter light should be perfectly adapted to draw the atmosphere of wildness and to reveal the pictorial of the landscape.
The winter's activities depict this cosy spirit of this land.
The local people were very enthusiastic about the project.
We want to carry on with these collaborations that are precious and helpful.



Sophie-Charlotte Gautier working on location
Anne Loubet working on location





A short introduction to the project we plan to do in Staby by Anne Loubet and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier
In our Staby Project, we wish to build a narrative made of photos, videos, sounds and music, which summons at the same time intimacy and the irrational, based on tales, narratives and popular beliefs, traditional songs.
To question the inheritances, make the past resound with the present of the inhabitants of this region of Jutland, we go to meet inhabitants in their interiors and outside places of life.
We like to draw a universe, which pushes aside the borders between the reality and the imagination, between fiction and documentary.
We want to feel the territory in its perceptible and sensitive dimension through the human meetings and the strength of the natural elements, which make up spirit of the territory (the breath of the wind, the immensity, the colors, the animals).




Borgere fra Staby ser frem til performance- og videoprojektet MEETINGS 12.03.2016
Villagers from Staby welcomes the performance and video project MEETINGS 12.03.2016