LEMVIG (Amanda Kerdahi & Jette Ellgaard)

Documentary (12:21 min.) by Heine Sand Kristensen on the video project in Lemvig by Amanda Kerdahi and Jette Ellgaard.





Lemvig Report: July 13th- August 5th 2017




The third meeting between Jette Ellgaard and Amanda KM in Lemvig proved to be three weeks of shooting video, recording sounds, meeting locals, and editing. Last time they met in April, they were solidifying and testing their roundtable idea, so that when they were in Lemvig again, they could focus on shooting and getting as much footage as possible.

In the first week, they set up their studio space in Bio-Huset. They mounted a camera to the ceiling, set up the roundtable they previously used in test shooting, bought black fabric for the floor, and set up lighting.  The next thing to do was ask people to join them in the studio for shooting. They visited local bars introducing themselves and their plans. They had some ideas of what they wanted to shoot. A fisherman cleaning a fish, a group of young adults playing a bar game, a person getting a tattoo and so on. It was difficult in the first week to gain the trust of the local community, but by the second week they were booked with appointments.

The second week is when they shot most of their footage. Overall, they shot around 12 scenes which included a musician, a seaman’s choir, a tattoo artist tattooing a woman, a man cleaning fish, children making crafts, and a couple sharing an intimate embrace. As they and their project became more known, individuals became more open to attending a shoot. Even though participants didn’t necessarily know what to expect, they were open to something new. Jette and Amanda also felt as if they were making friends in the city. They were invited to a Christmas in July- 24 Jul(i) - celebration where they ate together with 15 individuals, sharing stories and dancing around a Christmas tree. During the second week they also started to formulate the audio element of the video work. They collected sounds from around Lemvig- sounds that they had been hearing regularly during their stay.

The third week has been devoted to editing audio and visual.  They are still in the process of putting the work together, but they plan on projecting their final video onto a large window that is in the city center. They see the video piece as a collage of small vignettes of the city that they experienced. It is not a comprehensive video of all that Lemvig has to offer; instead the final piece can be considered a document of impressions during their stay in Lemvig.


Setting up the studio monitor
Chatting with participants
Shooting the tattoo scene
Shooting the knitting table
Taking a break





Jette and Amanda installing the camera in their 'office' in Tante Andantes Hus
3 generations of women peeling potatoes around the table
Still of roundtable test video, April 2017


Lemvig Report: April 2017






Jette Ellgaard and Amanda KM first met the city of Lemvig in June 2016. They were introduced to the town over 4 days, and during that time, they began to brainstorm ideas for a video collaboration that was to be shown in September 2017.
After 4 days of brainstorming, they had a loose idea of filming 3 generations of women around a roundtable.  The idea was not a solid decision, and they agreed to return home - Jette to Copenhagen and Amanda to Cairo - and continue thinking about it. They spoke on Skype twice between June 2016 and April 2017. In both conversations, the 3 generations of women roundtable remained the most interesting idea. 


The next time they met was in Lemvig, April 2017. This time around they had more time to absorb the city - 2 weeks. The first week they spent walking around and speaking with a number of people. They walked along the harbor and spoke with fishermen and sailors, sharing a beer with a group of sailors in a small room. They spoke with grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. They spoke to bartenders, and played the game “cheat” with dice with a fellow drinker at the bar. They were invited into the home of a man whose father was a musician. They went oyster collecting and grilled them on the shore. They biked along the railroad lines of the city and shopped in the city center. They went to a flea market outside the city, visited the Museum of Religious Art, the Lemvig Museum, and ate ice cream on the harbor.
In these two weeks, they decided to expand the idea of the roundtable beyond 3 generations of women. Their experiences in Lemvig showed them different sides to the city and the people in it. They decided to reflect the complexity of the city through the people living in it. 

They will meet again in July 2017 in Lemvig where they will shoot a series of roundtables with different groups of individuals doing everyday actions at a roundtable. Several examples include 3 generations of women at a table peeling potatoes, 3 generations of sailors at a table cleaning fish, a tattoo artist tattooing a customer, 4 friends playing the dice game “cheat” while having beers. The video, a series of these roundtable scenes, will be shown 1-10 September 2017 in a central area in the city center that can be seen and heard by passers by.  It is important that the work is accessible to view from the sidewalk or street.


Amanda and Jette collecting oysters, April 2017
Amanda visiting the local tattoo shop, April 2017



Jette og Amanda har Lemvig i kikkerten, juni 2016

Jette Ellgaard og Amanda Kerdahi kommer på deres første arbejdsophold i Lemvig fra den 8. til den 21. april 2017, hvor de vil have adresse på Lemvig Idræts- og Kulturcenter, Christinelystvej 8. De vil have ’kontor’ i Tante Andantes Hus, Ågade 5. Deres andet arbejdsophold bliver fra den 13. juli til den 2. august.


Jette Ellgaard and Amanda Kerdahi come on their first residence in Lemvig from 8. to 21. April 2017. Their address will be at Lemvig Sports and Culture Centre, Christinelystvej 8, and they will have an ‘office’ in Tante Andante's House, Ågade 5. Their second residence is from 13. July to 2 August.

MEETINGS in Lemvig
Introduction to the video and performance project MEETINGS
Thursday 9th June at 19:30 in Biohuset in Lemvig


The Egyptian artist Amanda Kerdahi and the Danish artist Jette Ellgaard will settle for a period in Lemvig in order to produce a new work of art based on their experiences in Lemvig. They will show the work somewhere in Lemvig in September 2017 as a part of the video and performance festival MEETINGS and European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.
Come and meet Amanda Kerdahi and Jette Ellgaard in Lemvig 9th June – Everyone is welcome!

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Borgere fra Lemvig ser frem til performance- og videoprojektet MEETINGS 13.03.2016
Villagers from Lemvig welcomes the performance and video project MEETINGS 13.03.2016