THYBORØN (Molly Haslund & Will Owen - in collaboration with / i samarbejde med Helle Fuglsang & Siff Pristed)

Documentary (12:28 min.) by Heine Sand Kristensen on the performance project in Thyborøn by Molly Haslund and Will Owen in collaboration with Helle Fuglsang and Siff Pristed.



Molly Haslund, Will Owen, Helle Fuglsang, Kostumer /Costumes: Siff Pristed, Foto /Photo: Casper Heijkenskjöld

Se billedserie på fra THYBORØN TRAWL DANS
søndag den 10. september kl. 14.00 i teltet ved ankeret på havnen i Thyborøn.


See photos on from THYBORØN TRAWL DANCE Sunday 10 September at 14.00 in the tent by the anchor at the harbour in Thyborøn.




Molly & Will visiting the fishing industry


The Thyborøn Trawl Dance




Through Molly Haslund (DK) and Will Owen’s (US) research visit in Thyborøn in March 2017, they have had the honor to meet many amazing people who are proud to live in the wonderful coastal town of Thyborøn.
During one of their meetings with Birte, a woman from Thyborøn, they asked if there was a particular folk dance connected to the town. She replied that there was not, and perhaps they should make a dance for Thyborøn.

Molly and Will had many ideas during their research visits, but continued to return to this idea of creating a new dance for the town. They quickly realized that Thyborøn is a place of many hard workers with a bustling fishing industry, chemical factory, tourism industry, multiple museums, and delicious food.
The new ‘Thyborøn dance’ will be created from the movements of daily work. These pedestrian, normal actions, a type of learned choreography performed for example when filleting fish, creating trawl nets, answering a phone call during the mornings’ fish auction, searching for amber on the beach after a storm, etc.

In August when Molly and Will return to Thyborøn, they will spend two weeks teaching as many people as possible their new developed basic dance structure. The dance will be learnable by all age groups and abilities. At the same time, together with the participants, they will collect suggested work movements and add them to the final dance.

Molly and Will request that people who have learned the new Thyborøn dance join them in a public event and all dance together. The public event will happen during the second weekend of September 2017. More soon!


Visiting the trawl production
At the fish auction
At the dock
And back in the office...



Molly og Will i Thyborøn, august 2016

Molly Haslund og Will Owen kommer på deres første arbejdsophold i Thyborøn fra den 12. til den 25. marts 2017, hvor de vil have adresse i Bredgade 22A.
Deres andet arbejdsophold bliver fra den 17. august 2017 og formodentlig indtil MEETINGS-festivalen slutter den 10. september. I denne periode vil de bo på Manøvej 9.


Molly Haslund and Will Owen come on their first residence in Thyborøn from 12. to 25. March 2017. Their address will be Bredgade 22A.
Their second residence will be from 17. August 2017 and probably until the MEETINGS festival ends on September 10. During this period, they will stay at Manøvej 9.

MEETINGS in Thyborøn
Introduction to the video and performance project MEETINGS
Wednesday 17th August at 19:30 in Thyborøn Fritidscenter


The Danish artist Molly Haslund and the American artist Will Owen will settle for a period in Thyborøn in order to produce a new work of art based on their experiences in Thyborøn. They will show the work somewhere in Thyborøn in September 2017 as a part of the video and performance festival MEETINGS and European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.
Come and meet Molly Haslund and Will Owen in Thyborøn 17th August – Everyone is welcome!


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Borgere fra Thyborøn ser frem til performance- og videoprojektet MEETINGS 13.03.2016
Villagers from Thyborøn welcomes the performance and video project MEETINGS 13.03.2016