Interview with the 5 participating artists (15:50 min.) by Heine Sand Kristensen.








TIME, SITE & LORE is an OFF ROAD collaboration between 4 culture-historical museums, 5 Central and West Jutland sites, 5 international artists and ET4U about an artistic interpretation of selected museum objects or stories - contemporary art at the intersection of museological knowledge and local lore.


Who, what, where and when? 
The artist Gigi Scaria (India) in collaboration with The Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede (Holstebro) and the site Sdr. Lyngvig (Ringkøbing-Skjern) on the topic of Sulegården - The 'Sule' farm.


The artist Yuval Yairi (Israel) in collaboration with Fur Fossils 55 million years (Skive) and the site Stenøre - Fur Harbour (Skive) on the topic of The oar from the Fursund ferry, 1908.


The artist Sadik Kwaish Al Fraji (Iraq / Netherlands) in collaboration with Lemvig Museum and the site Rom (Lemvig) on the topic of The autograph book from the refugee camp in Rom.


The artist Gunilla Josephson (Sweden / Canada) in collaboration with Struer Museum and the site Humlum (Struer) on the topic of The queen's pearls.


The artist Bassem Yousri (Egypt) in collaboration with Struer Museum and the site Oddesund North (Struer) on the topic of The wardrobe-man.


The videos were shown at the museums during the OFF ROAD festival 11. April - 6. May 2017, and they will be shown at the museums again as well as at the sites during the MEETINGS festival 1.-10. September 2017.


The concept of TIME, SITE & LORE
The four museums have chosen some interesting or distinctive subjects / objects in their collections and have written a short text about each, after which ET4U has paired the artists with a topic each.
The five artists were at a 5-day symposium 24th-28th October 2016, where they stayed in Nørrehytten close to Holstebro. Representatives from the museums and representatives from the places where the respective subjects / objects come from (local mentors) participated in the symposium.


The stay was short, but on the other hand with full support from the museums and mentors. It was also the only opportunity the artists had to experience their subject / object and its place of origin directly. This aspect, and the fact that the invited artists have a completely different cultural background than the Central and Western Jutland, we hope will help to promote new and artistic interpretations and expressions. One of the ideas of this 'dogma' project is in other words, to challenge both the local tradition, the museums’ factual knowledge and their traditional way of presenting it, and the artists' normal working methods and practices.


The artists have worked over the winter with the material and delivered a video each that is their free artistic interpretation of their respective subject / object. The finished video works were shown at the museums as part of the Cultural Collaboration in Mid and West Jutland’s festival OFF ROAD 11 April to 6 May 2017. A documentary catalog about the project is available in both a printed and a web version.
The videos will be shown on the localities (where the subjects / objects come from) during the MEETINGS Festival 1 to 10 September 2017. The participating artists will be present at the festival, and the videos will be shown at the museums again during this period. 



Morning meeting in Nørrehytten
Bassem Yousri discussing 'Æ Skawmand' with Karin Elkjær


Gigi Scaria filming Sulegården at Hjerl Hede
Gunilla Josepson making up a volunteer before filming
Inger Bjørn Knudsen and Sadik Kwaish Alfraji talking about the autograph book
Yuval Yairi filming on location on the way to Fur



The 5 participating artists evaluating the TIME, SITE & LORE project (11:57 min.)